Presented by NICER CANADA CORP.
  The strategic partner program is an opportunity for businesses to benefit from Nicer Canada Corp. The GLOPEX Strategic Program provides the necessary tools to help your business understand the opportunities that exist, recommend and deploy the GLOPEX global broadband phone network to your customers while maximizing your investment in GLOPEX resources.
Who is it for?
  The Nicer Canada Corp., GLOPEX strategic Program is a partnership relationship. Nicer Canada Corp. will supply the technology and the partner is expected to add value to the end customer by providing the services required by the customer. The program is for individuals or businesses that are willing to invest in building a business proposition around the GLOPEX global broadband phone network, and want to gain access to the GLOPEX Partner program benefits.
What is the process?
  Applicants interested in participating in the Nicer Canada Corp. Strategic Partner Program should:
Complete and sign the Nicer Canada Corp. Strategic Partner Application
Mail or fax the completed Application to the following address:
  Nicer Canada Corp.
121-3989 Henning Drive, Burnaby, B.C. Canada
FAX: 604-299-2481 email:
Upon receipt of the completed Application, Nicer Canada Corp. will send an Agreement, and set of instructions for your review, signature and return
Upon receipt of the contract documents, Nicer Canada Corp. will notify you within 10 business days of your authorization status (approved, pending or denied)
The strategic partner program
  This presents the many benefits associated with becoming a member of the Nicer Canada Corp. strategic partner.
GLOPEX strategic partner program requirements
  To become a strategic partner, an organization must:
Have a professional, outbound, trained sales and/or consulting organization or must be ready to invest in one
Provide project management, design, development, deployment, installation, training, support and maintenance services for GLOPEX global broadband phone network.
Have the infrastructure to provide frontline pre-sales support for GLOPEX global broadband phone network.
"good" dedicated T1 Internet Connection with a multihomed provider
1 x E1 or 1 x T1 PRI digital voice line
H323/SIP-PSTN Gateway (such as Cisco's AudiosCodes' gateways)
The PSTN gateway must support T.38 Fax protocol
  Note: above item 1 to 4 are just basic requirement, as voice traffic increases, the partner will have to be able to add more T1/E1s or increase network bandwidth or upgrade the gateway.
Attend the required training courses for each product set to become authorized to sell those products. This requires a minimum of 2 sales representatives and/or consultant and 2 technical support staff at each sales and/or support location who have completed the "core" sales and technical training requirements and thereby become authorized. These requirements can be obtained from your Nicer Canada Corp. Partner Manager.
Have a technical to sales representative and/or consultant ratio of 1:2
  All strategic partners must meet and continue to meet the above criteria and accept the terms of appointment.
Program benefits
Marketing Resources
Nicer Canada Corp. provides marketing resources like customized partner logos, banners and print-on-demand collateral to assist partners in marketing GLOPEX global broadband phone network.
Marketing Programs and Campaigns
On an ongoing basis, Nicer Canada Corp. will roll out a variety of marketing campaigns and programs, including branding, PR activities and product and solution launches. Partners can participate in these types of programs.
Success Stories
Nicer Canada Corp. will promote Partner successes to the marketplace. These successes are promoted through printed material, web site exposure, physical and e-mail newsletter forums.
This site would be the partner's one-stop location for all information and resources pertinent to the strategic partner program. Each partner will be provided with a unique login and password to access the site.
Partner Communication
Nicer Canada Corp. will endeavour to provide partners with communications and newsletters featuring news on Nicer Canada Corp. wins, business strategies, products, pricing, solution updates and events. Partners are also encouraged to look for such information on the Nicer Canada Corp. website
Partner Enablement
Partners will need to procure a Nicer Canada Corp. Maintenance Agreement through their Nicer Canada Corp. if they require installation and configuration assistance. Specifically, for the more complex Nicer Canada Corp. Application Server or GLOPEX global broadband phone network. Partners are required to obtain and maintain a Nicer Canada Corp. Maintenance Agreement.
Nicer Canada Corp. develops both sales and technical training that can be delivered in a number of ways: web- or CD- based training as well as instructor-led training. Nicer Canada Corp. has developed training curricula that Partners can follow to both complete the core training requirements (a prerequisite to participation in Nicer Canada Corp.'s Strategic Partner program) and optionally specialize in GLOPEX global broadband phone network. Partners need to ensure that they spare no efforts in getting their employees up-to-speed on Nicer Canada Corp. products and solutions, Nicer Canada Corp. makes web-based sales training, using online tutorials, available at no charge.
In addition, Partners receive a discount on the instructor-led technical training classes offered through Nicer Canada Corp. Channel Support Team.
Technical Support
Technical Support is available to Partners for client engagements. Any end-user that purchases a Voice over IP network program from Nicer Canada Corp. can (in lieu of their own contact information) include up to two strategic contacts on their Maintenance Agreement at no charge, for use during the client engagement.
  Partners receive immediate access to technical information and resources as follows:
  Access to Fee-Based Development Support
  Access to Developer Groups
  Strategic Partner FAQ's
  Nicer Canada Corp. Developer News
  Website links with GLOPEX.NET website
  If you have any queries or would like to get more information about the above please e-mail or call channel support at 1-866-GO-NICER (1-866-466-4237). Or 604-299-2385 for more detail
Take full advantage of the features and cost savings of an IP PBX
without having to purchase and maintain the equipment.
  GLOPEX network (Partner) can provide business-class telephone services with a rich set of PBX features including auto-attendant, Direct Inward Dialling, overlines, agent queuing, and voice mail over your existing Internet connection using our fully-redundant IP softswitch collocated at our facility.
  Some of the many advantages of GLOPEX IP Centrex:
no capital cost other than the purchase of desk phones
business-class features beyond those available from other VoIP Service Providers
immediate availability (rush service can provide you with new telephone service within hours)
lower costs than traditional alternatives
  GLOPEX softswitch can provides all of the power and efficiency of your own PBX without the cost or maintenance issues.
  Full pricing information can be found in our tariff document below but to summarise:
basic IP trunk from CA$29.95/mo
full IP-Centrex Service from CA$39.95/mo
automated attendant with night service
caller ID
Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers to designated extensions
multiple call appearances (ability for a single phone to have several calls on hold at the same time)
visual call waiting (see who is calling when you are already on a call)
three-way calling (also known as three-party conference)
conference rooms
call transfer (announced and blind)
voicemail (unlimited number of messages; email and pager notification, message waiting indicator)
call forwarding (unconditional; busy; no answer; optional)
do not disturb
speed dial
Call routing
simultaneous ring
music on hold
some signaling services requires that the IP phone set supports it
  Equivalent service is simply not available from Telus so comparison pricing is not possible but a single business phone line with just the ten of the above eighteen features which are available from Telus would cost $91.11/month/line.
  Our service costs only $39.95/month/extension (plus set-up).
Partner applciation form
  Please fax or e-mail to:
   Attention: Nicer Partner Support Team
   Fax: (604) 299-2481
Please provide the following :
Company Name:
Phone No.:
Fax No.:
Number of Employees:
Where is the headquarter location?(Town & County)
Do you have other branches? Where?
Do you now have a "good" dedicated T1 Internet Connection with a multihomed provider?
Do you now have at least 1 x E1 or 1 x T1 PRI digital voice line?
Do you now have a H323/SIP-PSTN Gateway
such as Cisco's AudiosCodes' gateways?
Number of Employees:
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