Security from data theft and unauthorized use is one of the primary concerns
of businesses today. Intellectual property and business data are key to
today's information driven world. An organization's knowledge and
information base is not just critical to maintaining competitive advantage;
it is key to the business's viability.

Nicer is working on providing solutions to this demand for increased
security using biometric technology. These solutions enable an organization
to grant employee access to its networks and vital information without the
use of passwords. It prevents identity fraud, while requiring less support.
Our biometric security solutions will provide the simplicity, security, and
cost efficiency to protect your vital data from theft and unwanted use.

Data Protection
NICER data protection solutions deliver robust, scalable storage management,
backup, and recovery-from desktop to data center-for heterogeneous
environments. We safeguard the integrity of corporate data on all platforms
and in all databases.
Data Backup and Recovery
NICER has solutions to the most basic problems of today's data-intensive
business environment. Our range of software works across heterogeneous
platforms to provide high availability, protect your data, and guard data
against disasters. NICER featured solutions like SAN (Storage Area Networks)
and the NICER VERTEX?Initiative ensure the data availability and protection
you need to keep your business competitive.
Disaster Recovery
Any business that relies on data has to expect the unexpected. NICER offers
a range of software-based solutions to help you build a comprehensive
disaster recovery plan for your data-one that can grow and change as quickly
as your company.
A Virtual Private Network connects two remote offices as if they were in the
same building. This can increase productivity and reduce costs greatly. This
connection is secure and seamless, preventing intruders from breaking your
SAN Solutions

NICER Software provides industry-leading storage area network (SAN) software
and services. Our solutions reduce the complexities of implementing and
managing SAN environments and streamline the deployment of new networked
storage infrastructures.

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